Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Do you have questions regarding our products? Here are answers to some of our more popular questions.


Where can I purchase Tap-a-Cap Bottle Openers in my area?
At this time Tap-a-Cap Bottle Openers are only available online. Please visit our Facebook Page for dates and times of upcoming events.


My Tap-a-Cap Bottle Opener won't open certain bottles, is it defective?
Tap-a-Cap Bottle Openers work on just about all domestic and import beer/soda bottles. There are some bottles that it will not open due to the following reasons:

 - The neck of the bottle is either too short or too large for our opener
 - The "collar" or "ring" (this is the part of the bottle that the cap rests on) is too large and prevents the Tap-a-Cap push down mechanism to be able to attach itself to the bottom of the cap.

Why doesn't my Tap-a-Cap Bottle Opener work flawlessly?
Most problems with the Tap-a-Cap Bottle Opener is user error! Though slamming the opener on your favorite beverage will sometimes work, here is a fool-proof way to always get the best use out of your Tap-a-Cap Opener.

 - Gently place the opener on the bottle
 - Make sure it is locked in place by giving it a quick light tap
 - If the opener is locked in place, it will not be able to travel down the neck
 - Gently push down on the opener with a firm but steady pressure
 - It's the push down that will take the cap off
 - Now you can gently lift the opener off the bottle so that the magnet catches the metal cap

Practice makes perfect. You'll be an expert but be sure to share your expertise with the next person using Tap-a-Cap Bottle Openers!